Who is Affinity Marketing?

Affinity Marketing began in 1993 with the idea to cross promote instantly redeemable coupons on egg packages as 94% of all shopper's buy eggs in their regular shopping trips at grocery stores. Since on that time Affinity has expanded cross advertising and promotions to every major department in the stores. Hundreds of millions of in-store ads/promotions for almost every major food company have been distributed over the last 15 years. Programs are national, regional, or account specific. All ads/promotions are implemented as "turn key"(see below) to make it easy for the branded companies to get their message to consumers at the best possible time, while they shop.
  Program Responsibilities


  • Select target retail/wholesale accounts.
    (Advertising to identify ACV
    and target packaing volume.)
  • Produce artwork

  • Assumes complete responsibility for "turn-key" implentation of the promotion once artwork is approved.
  • Responsible for making all chain headquarter calls.
  • Accepts responsibility for approving print proof of artwork from supplier.
  • Responsible for quality to meet the various manufacturing conditions of each production facility. Assumes liability for the coordiination to meet these conditions including changes in packaging suppliers (Affinity personnel on site for initial production).
  • Responsible for the rearrangement of retailer's packaging graphics to accommodate IRC.
  • Responsible for the application of ads/coupons on packaging at packaging manufacturer (Affinity personnel on site for coupon application.)
  • Responsible for maintenance and running of specialized application equipment.
  • Responsible for personally contacting packers for orders and control logistics to insure promotion at retail on same date.
  • Responsible for field service with packers to troubleshoot any packing problems. Assume responsibility for unusable promotion packaging.
  • Responsible for the coordination to meet all FDA & U.S.D.A. package regulations.

Contact Information

1606 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 136
Richmond, VA 23229
Phone: 804-673-3638
Fax: 804-673-1901
email: jimdowd@affinitymktg.com