Custom Promotions

~ Match unique product ads/promotions for a variety of purposes

  • Meal solutions
  • Product Complimenting
  • Holiday Tie-ins
  • Sampling
~ Some example programs below


Breakfast Promotion

Description: Toaster Strudel Breakfast IRC
coupons on Frozen PL juice

Scope: National for one month

Distribution: 10 Million


Salsa/Tortilla Promotion

Description: Pace Salsa IRC coupons on Fresh
Tia Rosa brand tortillas

Scope: Regional Southwest US for one month

Summer "Pigs in a Blanket" Promotion

Description: Pillsbury Crescent Roll IRC
coupons and recipe booklet placed on packages
of Hot Dogs

Scope: Regional Southeast for one month

Lead-time: 6 months


Easter Dye Kit Sampling

Description: Kits of Easter egg dyes, stickers, and
shrink placed inside egg cartons

Scope: Regional Southeast US for three weeks prior
to Easter