Dairy Department

  • Eggs and Milk are the two most frequently purchased items in the store
  • Large shelf space creates "Mini Billboards"
  • Draws attention to other products on the refrigerated shelves

Egg Talkers/Egg IRCs

Egg Facts:
- 95 % Household Penetration = Broad Coverage
- Multiple Consumer Impressions (Avg. 18 times)
- Top 100* Supermarket Chains Participate
- Talks to Breakfast and Baking Product customers
- Available for multiple ads, coupons, or recipes

Distribution: 1000 retail grocery stores = 1.4 million ads/coupons for 2-weeks & 3 million per month

Lead Time: 120 Days

Retail Exposure: 2-weeks to one month

*H.E.B. does not participate with Egg Talkers

Milk Flag ADs/Coupons

Milk Facts:
- Broad Coverage - 96% Household Penetration Multiple
- Consumer Impressions at store and home
- Milk Flags Face Consumer, not back or side of milk jug

Status: Testing into limited markets

Lead Time: 120 days

Retail Exposure: 2-weeks to one Month