Meat Department

  • Fresh Meat draws customers from 98% of all US households.
  • Beef, Chicken, and Pork are great "center of the plate" compliments to many foods
  • Ideal vehicle for Recipe Tie-ins
  • Large shelf space creates "Mini Billboards"
  • Available for multiple ads/recipes/coupons

Fresh Meat Ads/IRCs

Distribution: Two weeks at 1000 retail grocery stores

Beef = 1.7 million ads/coupons
Ground Beef = 1.2 million ads/coupons
Chicken = 1.0 million ads/coupons
Pork = .5 million ads/coupons

Lead Time: 120 Days Retail

Exposure: 2-weeks to one month

Turkey Tag Holiday Ads/Coupons

Description: Attached to fresh bagged turkeys (whole & breasts)

Distribution: National or regional Volume of 6 million for national distribution

Lead Time: 6 months

Retail Exposure: 2-weeks prior to Thanksgiving & Christmas