Produce Department

  • Coverage up to 21,000 Supermarkets
  • Leading Retailers representing 75% ACV
  • Produce Department by Store Entry so Customers see Promotion Early


Produce Bag Talkers

Distribution: Over 1 billion bags per month for national Average of 9-15 dispensers per store Eight impressions through bag life cycle

Costs: $28.00 to $42.00 per M (depending on volume) Production costs of $5,000 per account

Lead Time: 120 Days

Retail Exposure: 2-weeks to 90 days

Produce Ads/IRCs

Distribution: Varies by item of produce

Costs: $40.70 to $61.50 per M (depending on volume)

Lead Time: 120 days generally, but some items seasonal

Retail Exposure: 2-weeks to entire season